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haven's house academy

Connection | Motivation | Self Advocacy | Empowerment


Haven’s House Academy  will provide an educational environment that provides comprehensive and holistic support for young adults who are homeless or at risk and need socio-emotional, academic and vocational supports while creating critical thinkers that are able to advocate for their needs. 


Our vision is to create socially responsible leaders who are energized advocates.

Our Model

Our education model aims to meet the needs of all of our students by providing wraparound services that foster growth, empathy and understanding. Each student will be partnered with a mental health case manager that works in collaboration with school staff to identify needs and collaborates with school staff to find unique ways to support student's socio-emotional needs, individualized learning needs, and their post secondary goals. 


Wrap Around Services


Our goal is to support youth in schools by providing comprehensive services that operate alongside educational services. 


Partnerships include:

  • Laundry Services (partnership with Whirlpool)

  • Health Clinic Services

  • College Connection Program (partnerships with local colleges)

  • Mental Health Offices (partnership with Mental Health organization)

  • Mentoring and Life Skills workshops incorporated with curriculum

  • Job Preparedness, Employment Training and Computer Center

  • Linked Emergency Housing

  • Clothing closet

These services are meant to support transient youth and propel them out of cyclical homelessness to independence.

Support youth experiencing housing instability

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